Beechcraft Musketeer B19A G-AWFZ

Single-engined, low-wing, light aircraft - easy to fly and low maintenance costs.

57,500.00 €

Piper PA-46-350P PH-ROD

Fast, highly equipped, lots of flight hours remaining - the perfect choice!

845,000.00 €

Piper PA46 350P Malibu Mirage

It is equipped with full FIKI de-ice gear including pneumatic boots, heated stall vane and a heated propeller.

499,000.00 €


The most beautiful PA28T on the market!

175,000.00 €

Alpi Pioneer 400 PH-DAR

Fast and low cost plane for your travels

145,000.00 €

D-EKLC, Extra EA-400

Really nice aircraft equipped IFR. Pressurized and certified up to FL250.

377,500.00 €

TL Ultralight Sting S4 RG

If you are looking for an ultralight that is built to complete with the certified aircraft market then this could be it.

119,500.00 €


The annual inspection has just been completed in February 2022 and the aircraft is ready for her new owner.

2,620,000.00 €

Extra EA-500 Turboprop LX-MBA

With its Rolls-Royce Allison 250 turboprop producing 450shp, cabin pressurisation and Avidyne Entegra R9 avionics suite, this really is the ideal aircraft for flying around Europe all year round.

899,500.00 €